Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robert Earl Keen - Live

Texas singer songwriter. has a huge cult following plays great music. I'd call it alt-bluegrass. very good live recording sounds like it was done in a studio. he cant carry a tune in a dump truck, but he is an amazing songwriter. for fans of willie nelson, wayne hancock, jerry jeff walker.

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Friday, November 27, 2009


since Im horrible at most things, writing being one of them. Im going to quit placing long winded details about the bands i put up here. I will simply just say what kinda music they are and leave it at that. and if I dont think they are good, I wouldnt have put them up here to begin with. I mostly just cut and paste someone elses review of whatever Im posting anyways. with that being said Ill add some more stuff another day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aquila - Demo 08

I dont know anything about this band other than I somehow got a copy of their 08 demo. They seem to be a drum and bass female 2 piece who resemble lozen(who I posted a while back) and maybe helms alee. very good demo, from what I understand they have broken up.

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Fantomas - Directors Cut

In many ways, "The Director's Cut" is the most accessible Fantomas album-- Brainchild of vocalist Mike Patton, Fantomas is a band in the style of John Zorn's Naked City-- effortlessly moving between genres and sounds with a hardcore metal feel to hold things together, but like Naked City's "Radio", this one opts for more coherent feels on a per track basis. This allows a listener unfamiliar with this sort of style the chance to find something to latch onto-- one of the things that can make Fantomas' work difficult is that the style shifts when you're getting the hang of it, this one is a bit more coherent, style shifts have more palpable melodies to work with-- the opening track best demonstrates this, "The Godfather" theme, stated on an accordian, then reprised in spectacular death metal fashion, moving into a relatively straightforward waltz with a reprise of hardcore noise. Throughout, Patton shows us his vocalization abilities, alternately screaming and humming as appropriate.

One other thing about Fantomas that bears mention-- they're traditionally an over-the-top band, with theaterical elements in the music heavily emphasized, this album is no exception, take the middle of the album, with the totally over-the-top "Cape Fear", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Devil Rides Out" covers. And Patton skips track 13, just in case sonic theatrics was not enough. Although nothing will probably compare to the intonation Patton pulls out for "The Omen (Ave Satani)"-- so theatrical as to border on goofy, but somehow it manages to work.

Overall, this is a superb (if a bit short) album, definitely worth checking out.

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Dark Meat - Universal Indians

Dark Meat is another huge band that plays swaggering southern soulful blues tinged rock. I dont know exactly how many people are in this band, prolly about 13. anyways in modern terms they are crusty hippies, but the music is so fucking good. there are horns, a myriad of back up singers, a couple drum sets, bunch of guitars and bass, and vocals that take you back about 20-30 years, when rock was rock and it wasnt some cliched rudimentary "art" form. Universal Indians starts off with a beautiful female acapella then finds it's way into a drunken funeral dirge. the rest of the album is great rock in a long forgotten southern style. Dont let the hippies shit throw you off, because the music is what counts.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gorch Fock - Lying & Manipulating

Whats not to like about a 7 man band? Gorch Fock hail from Austin TX, and are easily in my top 5 favorite band category. 2 drummers, 3 guitar players, a bass player and a singer who does everything from huff paint, swig turkey and even sing from his trusty trombone. They are a live show juggernaut that you wont get to see if you havent already. this band plays music in the same ball park as the Butthole Surfers, Jesus Lizard, and Nomeansno. such a great band do yourself a favor and get this. my favorite track is jefferson davis pinkus.

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Bastardmaker - 5 Finger Stud

Bastardmaker is not me, however I wish it were so. Bastardmaker is a country band from Portland, Oregon. This is for fans of hank III, those poor bastards, wayne "The train" hancock and Josephus and the jonestown massacre. from what I gather this guy loves the devil, speed, and hates his mom. just get it and enjoy. (fixed for those of you who tried before)

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The Snake Trap - At Home in a Hostile World

The Snake Trap are an Austin TX Trio that defy explanation. they are instrumental in the vein of lebanon, green milk from the planet orange etc. ... Since I cant explain things like this very well, just do yourself a favor and check this out.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hatred Surge - S/T

Hatred Surge are a loving bunch of guys/gal from Austin TX. The easy comparison is mammoth grinder, but it's a rather generic comparison, and I wouldnt want to rob them of their own identity. HS makes music that is boiling over with a seething rage that is often tried, but rarely achieved. they are crusty, grindy, doomy and definately make you wanna skin your mom and wear her as a coat. that was dumb I know, but still these guys are for a lack of better terms heavy as shit.

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David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

I Know everyone has heard of david bowie, but amongst my circle of douche bag friends I feel that he is judged entirely by his post disco career, and they fail to even see if the man's reputation is even warranted by checking into his pre disco catalog. anyways here is one of my favorite bowie CD's.

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Apes - Ghost Games

Forgoing lead guitar for shambling, sinister organ licks, DC post-punk outfit the Apes strike a strange middle-ground between minimalism and maximalism. Lacking guitar accompaniment, Jeff Schmid’s drums and and Erick Jackson’s bass tend operate in spare cages of plunging rhythms and blurting stabs, and when the keys afford them some space, the whole feels crisply open. However, organist Amanda Bynes doesnt allows herself to be constrained by the others’ rhythms, she surges past and breaks free, letting her organ swell to fill every gap with psychedelic squeal. It’s a decent formula, and Ghost Games moves well. New singer Breck Brunson, whose vaulting falsettos and snarling incantations put the cramped range of all too many post-punk vocalists to shame.

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Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst To Ruins

Catalyst to ruins hits you immediately like ton of something that weighs a ton. Cream Abdul Babar are heavy in many ways, very southern, very punk, and to me they are pretty much the cream of the crop as far as stoner metal bands go. think kylesa, fight amp, and black tusk and youre there. speaking of those bands I may need to put something up by them if I havent yet.
anyways if youre into the southern stoner metal scene at all, youll love this. I know I do

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Zeni Geva - 10,000 light years

Zeni Geva comes from Japan, the band’s name roughly translates into “Money Violence” and it’s the brainchild of one Kazuyuki Kishino, better known as KK Null. The band has been described as a “power trio”, with KK Null on guitar, occasional vocals and general dementia, Mitsuru Tabata on guitar and, as of 2001, drummer Masataka Fujikake. Their music is not easy to pinpoint, though, as the band has forged since 1986 a very idiosyncratic and lonesome path in the annals of heavy music. The best description I can give to Zeni Geva’s style is that it’s the bastard offspring of a gangbang with Slayer, King Crimson, early Helmet, latter-day Black Flag, Motörhead and Loop taking part, after having consumed vast amounts of speed and psychedelics.

Does it sound bizarre? Hell, bizarre is Zeni Geva’s middle name. Does it sound heavy? Oh, man, you can’t even begin to get how heavy. “10,000 Light Years” is like a flood of sound, breaking the levee of conscious perception and moving towards the subconscious with the power of a rabid pit bull and the grace of a katana slicing feathers in the air. The music contained in here has incalculable density, although it’s been played by only three people and recorded in an almost “live in the studio” way. Each and every song contains a myriad of details, hidden over, under and in between its very ugly and disturbing surface.

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Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse

Somewhat of an Austin Texas super group. with members of Employer, Employee, Cardinale, and who went on to form warwolf, and ratking. This record is so fucking heavy, and without the use of any double pedal moments. there are not many band to compare these guys to, but these guys take southern grove oriented metal and turn it up on it's dick and just hate you with it so hard. It is so so so hateful. the guitars are heavy and bluesy all at the same time. The drums are both pummeling and well reserved considering the how heavy this slab is. I defy you to find vocals more poignant and hateful than these. craig moore is to me what mike patton is to so many other people but for the metal side of things. anyways I cant say enough about this album. it's so god damned heavy, this is by far one of my favorite records ill put up here. now listen to it and then find it and buy it.

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Daniel Johnston - Fun

Daniel Johnston may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, and like fine chocolate for others. I fall into the second category. He tackles the same issues every musician has covered love, drugs and Satan, but seemingly from the view point of a very opinionated 10 year old boy, which can be both good and bad. Good because of the conviction that he pulls from, and bad from the naivete that spills over like a busted dam. however all in all Daniel is considered a pop music genius, and with other geniuses surrounding him, Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers on guitar and Willie Nelson's sister Bobby on piano a lot of creative pop music is made on this album. I picked this album because it has two of my favorite tracks by this man-boy "genius", rock and roll EGA, and Catie. Also for those not in the know, Daniel is certified crazy, like most Texas musicians with a cult fallowing he is paranoid schizophrenic and from what I understand that personality trait was put into high gear after a hand full of acid in conjunction with a Butthole Surfers show which could be a life changing experience for anyone.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Witch S/T

If you come into this record with preconceived notions, thinking this is a side project of J Mascis and that it will bear any similarities to his solo work with the Fog or Dinosaur jr you will be mistaken. This is a band of it's own, a smoldering entity with a true 70s inspired sound. A mesmerizing cloak of blue cheer and black sabbath-esque tunes, featuring dark enchanted lyrics, and guitar solos to make your head spin right off. Pick this up, turn down the lights, and watch the shadows dance to their evil delight

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