Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Across Tundras - Dark Songs of The Prairie

Across Tundras' debut full length is a loud, but chilly musical reimagining of the wide open spaces of the West--the Crazy Horse-inspired polar opposite of the Sons Of The Pioneers' cosy campfire anthems. On the frostbitten "Ode to George Parts 1 & 2," vocals issue forth from somewhere at the bottom of a canyon, while on the band's numb reworking of the traditional ballad "Aura Lea," tempos run at about the speed of a wagon train negotiating the upward incline of the Donner Pass.

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Lebanon - Planet Rubble

A band from Tel Aviv named Lebanon? Go figure. Well, whatever the band’s moniker, this group can certainly meld a lot of genres. The quartet gets the ball rolling with “Finland” (not a Monty Python cover) that fuses a spacey, psychedelic hue with some arty Yo La Tengo-meets-Explosions in the Sky arrangements. Lebanon also toss in some Metallica-ish metal during the, at times, breezy “Buried in the Avenue” that also has many Floydian touches. But the eerie, Barrett-like “The Dying Dying Man” seems to bring the album to another level. This format is revisited during the spooky and aptly titled “Poltergeist”. Other gems here are the winding, deliberate and somewhat dark “Megalith” and the equally pretty “Joan of Arc” with its slightly hard rock feel.

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The Abominable Iron Sloth – The Id Will Overcome

im tired of describing these things. plus I havent even listened to this one yet, but it should be at least as good as their first EP

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Tusk - Taste The Sin

new one from black tusk. you know what your getting, if not this is for fans of Kylesa, rwake, harkonen, etc...

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adai - ...I carry

Adai are a 2 piece band from denver. ...I carry is the first EP from them. this album is best listened to all at once, which is easy considering the whole thing comes in at just around 25 minutes. the music is best described as "epic" or "sludge" but all in all it's metal and it's good. they are mostly instrumental along the lines of the heavier side of isis, neurosis and the like. and the vocals are guttural, sparse and do more to compliment the music than stand out. anyways I just felt like sharing with y'all
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Jonbenet - Ugly Heartless

the whole album has a really quick franticness about it and the instrumentals will flare into very quick riffs, groovy riffs, and heavily distorted riffs (and the odd accoustic melody in there) the drums can follow the complex and randomly changing rhythm very well...

...take the song "Eating Lightning II" as an example...starting with a huge amount of feedback suddenly a quick and frantic riff combined with the yell (it is a very beautiful yell...if that's possible) and then turns into a slower more sludgy riff with low growls...then transforms into a very groovy (perhaps Sabbathy riff) then randomly jitters away to itself mutely and yet again explodes into action...the only part of this song that is repeated is the groovy riff...besides that everything about it is completely when someone is trying to break in if one method doesn't work they will try multiple other methods...

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-(16)- - Drop Out

‘Drop Out’, recorded and released in 1996 via the obscure Pessimizer label. On ‘Drop Out’ the band sounds closer to bands like EyeHateGod or Grief, while at same time the angular hooks of Helmet or Unsane can be heard as well. Still, what makes 'Drop Out' such a genious record is the combination of the slow, simple riffs, and the gripping one-liner roars of Chris Jehrue (‘Life sucks, leave me alone’ as the ultimate 16 motto). This is a record that should be in every sludge, noise, or stoner rock collection. It is therefore a good thing that it is finally available for all who are interested. 16 newbies start with 'Drop Out' and then explore the rest.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Despise You

62 Songs of complete power violence, from Inglewood, CA. They have female backing vocals and were one of the best ultrafast, uncompromising power violence units during the mid-’90’s. Compiling their various splits, comp tracks and the sixteen otherwise unreleased numbers kindly compiled by Pessimiser for the original CD release. The result is a barrage of bleak-as-fuck, metal-tinged powerviolence that’s heavy, thick-necked and cruel as all hell.

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Black Tusk/Fight Amp Split

Two great bands for the price of none. BRUTAL PANDA RECORDS is set to release a limited edition, vinyl only split 7″ featuring Savannah sludge metallers BLACK TUSK and New Jersey noise rockers FIGHT AMP. The split will have a late July release date and will feature exclusive new artwork from BARONESS’ John Baizley. The release will feature all new material from both bands, with BLACK TUSK contributing the brand new track “Fatal Kiss” and FIGHT AMP contributing the new track “Fire & Stone” as well as an exclusive DEVO cover. The press will be limited to 500 copies with 300 on black vinyl and 200 on a special clear vinyl.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

King Loser

King Loser defied pigeonholing during their illustrious and colorful career. From surf rock instrumentals to psychedelic rock, the indie band's wildly dynamic sound ran the gamut. Guitarist Chris Heazlewood and keyboardist/bassist Celia Mancini led the New Zealand group, as guitarist Sean O'Reilly and the drummer known only as Tribal Thunder rounded out the quartet. Their albums on Flying Nun Records showcased a dizzying mix of sounds and beats.

Starting with 1995's Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi on Turbulence Records (later re-released by Flying Nun), the band called on New Zealand luminaries like Peter Jefferies to round out their sound. You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live was released in early 1996, and with the help of American college radio, 1997's Caul of the Outlaw found the band new fans who embraced the album's forward-thinking and irregular sound. Both efforts were released on Flying Nun, a label that staunchly supported the band's colorful sound. ~ Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Yakuza - Transmutations

Chicago’s YAKUZA has succeeded in garnering attention of all kinds, all the while not compromising the band’s free-flowing and spontaneous musical integrity. Regardless, YAKUZA remains independent, maintaining an almost indescribable sound that picks and plucks from a wealth of influences and inspirations. Staying deeply rooted in a genre all its own, YAKUZA’s existence lies on a metal base with progressive flair, while somehow also incorporating elements of jazz, world beat, and post-rock ambience. Picture (if you can) a mixture of King Crimson, all periods of John Coltrane’s career, Tortoise, and Napalm Death. The end result is captivating, a sound that Rolling Stone, Revolver, Alternative Press, the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune, All That Jazz and countless others all agree is refreshingly original, technically proficient, all the while still staying very metal. "Exploration, experimentation, riding the line between the familiar and the foreign; the essential elements for YAKUZA have already been established.

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Wooden Shjips

this is a awesome, terrific psychedelic stoner rock in the best Blue Cheer/Mammatus/ early Comets on Fire tradition.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Droids Attack - Fatal Error

In a world of perpetual war and death, where pestilence and pop music kill our collective soul, one band of brothers may just save us all! Armed with metallic riffs, stoner savagery and terrifying tone, Droids Attack may be the best hope for the survival of humanity against the coming onslaught of mechanized, robotic pain. But unlike those lazy superheroes that are content to simply protect the weak and save some fictitious city from various vicious supervillians, Droids Attack tears into their strings and skins to keep you rocking out while saving you from certain destruction. They won't just snatch you from the jaws of death in a brazen display of inhuman strength and audacity, they'll simultaneously kick in your face with raucous power chords, crazed solos and some of the most entertaining and hilarious lyrics around.

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Deadbird - The Head and the Heart

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Katastrophy Wife - Amusia

If you like creative lyrics and screamin' chicks, and if you liked Babes in Toyland or Hole this would be a great "new" album for you to enjoy. Nobody screams as good as Kat Bjelland and some would argue nobody turns a phrase like her either. I love this album and I think you will too. for fans of the aforementioned bands and L7, 7 year bitch, lozen etc....

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Planes mistaken for stars - Up in them guts

Denver, Colorado’s PLANES burn off the fuel of their past in a white hot fury! "Up in Them Guts" is huge, compelling, and immediate. PLANES have taken their exploration further, darker, and harder, while remaining unflinchingly honest. Twin guitars peel off shards of sound, devilish and bold. Inebriated on heat and sweat, this is rockandfuckingroll in a pure sense, distilled from equal parts wonder and apprehension. No pasteurization! No punches pulled!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unit 21 - Brainshred

loud obnoxious crusty stuff from texas. if you liked the find him and kill him post, youll like this.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robert Earl Keen - Live

Texas singer songwriter. has a huge cult following plays great music. I'd call it alt-bluegrass. very good live recording sounds like it was done in a studio. he cant carry a tune in a dump truck, but he is an amazing songwriter. for fans of willie nelson, wayne hancock, jerry jeff walker.

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Friday, November 27, 2009


since Im horrible at most things, writing being one of them. Im going to quit placing long winded details about the bands i put up here. I will simply just say what kinda music they are and leave it at that. and if I dont think they are good, I wouldnt have put them up here to begin with. I mostly just cut and paste someone elses review of whatever Im posting anyways. with that being said Ill add some more stuff another day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aquila - Demo 08

I dont know anything about this band other than I somehow got a copy of their 08 demo. They seem to be a drum and bass female 2 piece who resemble lozen(who I posted a while back) and maybe helms alee. very good demo, from what I understand they have broken up.

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