Wednesday, May 19, 2010

-(16)- - Drop Out

‘Drop Out’, recorded and released in 1996 via the obscure Pessimizer label. On ‘Drop Out’ the band sounds closer to bands like EyeHateGod or Grief, while at same time the angular hooks of Helmet or Unsane can be heard as well. Still, what makes 'Drop Out' such a genious record is the combination of the slow, simple riffs, and the gripping one-liner roars of Chris Jehrue (‘Life sucks, leave me alone’ as the ultimate 16 motto). This is a record that should be in every sludge, noise, or stoner rock collection. It is therefore a good thing that it is finally available for all who are interested. 16 newbies start with 'Drop Out' and then explore the rest.

Bastardmaker Loves You

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