Monday, December 14, 2009

Planes mistaken for stars - Up in them guts

Denver, Colorado’s PLANES burn off the fuel of their past in a white hot fury! "Up in Them Guts" is huge, compelling, and immediate. PLANES have taken their exploration further, darker, and harder, while remaining unflinchingly honest. Twin guitars peel off shards of sound, devilish and bold. Inebriated on heat and sweat, this is rockandfuckingroll in a pure sense, distilled from equal parts wonder and apprehension. No pasteurization! No punches pulled!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unit 21 - Brainshred

loud obnoxious crusty stuff from texas. if you liked the find him and kill him post, youll like this.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robert Earl Keen - Live

Texas singer songwriter. has a huge cult following plays great music. I'd call it alt-bluegrass. very good live recording sounds like it was done in a studio. he cant carry a tune in a dump truck, but he is an amazing songwriter. for fans of willie nelson, wayne hancock, jerry jeff walker.

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Friday, November 27, 2009


since Im horrible at most things, writing being one of them. Im going to quit placing long winded details about the bands i put up here. I will simply just say what kinda music they are and leave it at that. and if I dont think they are good, I wouldnt have put them up here to begin with. I mostly just cut and paste someone elses review of whatever Im posting anyways. with that being said Ill add some more stuff another day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aquila - Demo 08

I dont know anything about this band other than I somehow got a copy of their 08 demo. They seem to be a drum and bass female 2 piece who resemble lozen(who I posted a while back) and maybe helms alee. very good demo, from what I understand they have broken up.

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Fantomas - Directors Cut

In many ways, "The Director's Cut" is the most accessible Fantomas album-- Brainchild of vocalist Mike Patton, Fantomas is a band in the style of John Zorn's Naked City-- effortlessly moving between genres and sounds with a hardcore metal feel to hold things together, but like Naked City's "Radio", this one opts for more coherent feels on a per track basis. This allows a listener unfamiliar with this sort of style the chance to find something to latch onto-- one of the things that can make Fantomas' work difficult is that the style shifts when you're getting the hang of it, this one is a bit more coherent, style shifts have more palpable melodies to work with-- the opening track best demonstrates this, "The Godfather" theme, stated on an accordian, then reprised in spectacular death metal fashion, moving into a relatively straightforward waltz with a reprise of hardcore noise. Throughout, Patton shows us his vocalization abilities, alternately screaming and humming as appropriate.

One other thing about Fantomas that bears mention-- they're traditionally an over-the-top band, with theaterical elements in the music heavily emphasized, this album is no exception, take the middle of the album, with the totally over-the-top "Cape Fear", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Devil Rides Out" covers. And Patton skips track 13, just in case sonic theatrics was not enough. Although nothing will probably compare to the intonation Patton pulls out for "The Omen (Ave Satani)"-- so theatrical as to border on goofy, but somehow it manages to work.

Overall, this is a superb (if a bit short) album, definitely worth checking out.

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Dark Meat - Universal Indians

Dark Meat is another huge band that plays swaggering southern soulful blues tinged rock. I dont know exactly how many people are in this band, prolly about 13. anyways in modern terms they are crusty hippies, but the music is so fucking good. there are horns, a myriad of back up singers, a couple drum sets, bunch of guitars and bass, and vocals that take you back about 20-30 years, when rock was rock and it wasnt some cliched rudimentary "art" form. Universal Indians starts off with a beautiful female acapella then finds it's way into a drunken funeral dirge. the rest of the album is great rock in a long forgotten southern style. Dont let the hippies shit throw you off, because the music is what counts.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gorch Fock - Lying & Manipulating

Whats not to like about a 7 man band? Gorch Fock hail from Austin TX, and are easily in my top 5 favorite band category. 2 drummers, 3 guitar players, a bass player and a singer who does everything from huff paint, swig turkey and even sing from his trusty trombone. They are a live show juggernaut that you wont get to see if you havent already. this band plays music in the same ball park as the Butthole Surfers, Jesus Lizard, and Nomeansno. such a great band do yourself a favor and get this. my favorite track is jefferson davis pinkus.

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Bastardmaker - 5 Finger Stud

Bastardmaker is not me, however I wish it were so. Bastardmaker is a country band from Portland, Oregon. This is for fans of hank III, those poor bastards, wayne "The train" hancock and Josephus and the jonestown massacre. from what I gather this guy loves the devil, speed, and hates his mom. just get it and enjoy. (fixed for those of you who tried before)

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The Snake Trap - At Home in a Hostile World

The Snake Trap are an Austin TX Trio that defy explanation. they are instrumental in the vein of lebanon, green milk from the planet orange etc. ... Since I cant explain things like this very well, just do yourself a favor and check this out.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hatred Surge - S/T

Hatred Surge are a loving bunch of guys/gal from Austin TX. The easy comparison is mammoth grinder, but it's a rather generic comparison, and I wouldnt want to rob them of their own identity. HS makes music that is boiling over with a seething rage that is often tried, but rarely achieved. they are crusty, grindy, doomy and definately make you wanna skin your mom and wear her as a coat. that was dumb I know, but still these guys are for a lack of better terms heavy as shit.

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David Bowie - Aladdin Sane

I Know everyone has heard of david bowie, but amongst my circle of douche bag friends I feel that he is judged entirely by his post disco career, and they fail to even see if the man's reputation is even warranted by checking into his pre disco catalog. anyways here is one of my favorite bowie CD's.

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Apes - Ghost Games

Forgoing lead guitar for shambling, sinister organ licks, DC post-punk outfit the Apes strike a strange middle-ground between minimalism and maximalism. Lacking guitar accompaniment, Jeff Schmid’s drums and and Erick Jackson’s bass tend operate in spare cages of plunging rhythms and blurting stabs, and when the keys afford them some space, the whole feels crisply open. However, organist Amanda Bynes doesnt allows herself to be constrained by the others’ rhythms, she surges past and breaks free, letting her organ swell to fill every gap with psychedelic squeal. It’s a decent formula, and Ghost Games moves well. New singer Breck Brunson, whose vaulting falsettos and snarling incantations put the cramped range of all too many post-punk vocalists to shame.

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Cream Abdul Babar - The Catalyst To Ruins

Catalyst to ruins hits you immediately like ton of something that weighs a ton. Cream Abdul Babar are heavy in many ways, very southern, very punk, and to me they are pretty much the cream of the crop as far as stoner metal bands go. think kylesa, fight amp, and black tusk and youre there. speaking of those bands I may need to put something up by them if I havent yet.
anyways if youre into the southern stoner metal scene at all, youll love this. I know I do

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Zeni Geva - 10,000 light years

Zeni Geva comes from Japan, the band’s name roughly translates into “Money Violence” and it’s the brainchild of one Kazuyuki Kishino, better known as KK Null. The band has been described as a “power trio”, with KK Null on guitar, occasional vocals and general dementia, Mitsuru Tabata on guitar and, as of 2001, drummer Masataka Fujikake. Their music is not easy to pinpoint, though, as the band has forged since 1986 a very idiosyncratic and lonesome path in the annals of heavy music. The best description I can give to Zeni Geva’s style is that it’s the bastard offspring of a gangbang with Slayer, King Crimson, early Helmet, latter-day Black Flag, Motörhead and Loop taking part, after having consumed vast amounts of speed and psychedelics.

Does it sound bizarre? Hell, bizarre is Zeni Geva’s middle name. Does it sound heavy? Oh, man, you can’t even begin to get how heavy. “10,000 Light Years” is like a flood of sound, breaking the levee of conscious perception and moving towards the subconscious with the power of a rabid pit bull and the grace of a katana slicing feathers in the air. The music contained in here has incalculable density, although it’s been played by only three people and recorded in an almost “live in the studio” way. Each and every song contains a myriad of details, hidden over, under and in between its very ugly and disturbing surface.

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Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse

Somewhat of an Austin Texas super group. with members of Employer, Employee, Cardinale, and who went on to form warwolf, and ratking. This record is so fucking heavy, and without the use of any double pedal moments. there are not many band to compare these guys to, but these guys take southern grove oriented metal and turn it up on it's dick and just hate you with it so hard. It is so so so hateful. the guitars are heavy and bluesy all at the same time. The drums are both pummeling and well reserved considering the how heavy this slab is. I defy you to find vocals more poignant and hateful than these. craig moore is to me what mike patton is to so many other people but for the metal side of things. anyways I cant say enough about this album. it's so god damned heavy, this is by far one of my favorite records ill put up here. now listen to it and then find it and buy it.

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Daniel Johnston - Fun

Daniel Johnston may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, and like fine chocolate for others. I fall into the second category. He tackles the same issues every musician has covered love, drugs and Satan, but seemingly from the view point of a very opinionated 10 year old boy, which can be both good and bad. Good because of the conviction that he pulls from, and bad from the naivete that spills over like a busted dam. however all in all Daniel is considered a pop music genius, and with other geniuses surrounding him, Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers on guitar and Willie Nelson's sister Bobby on piano a lot of creative pop music is made on this album. I picked this album because it has two of my favorite tracks by this man-boy "genius", rock and roll EGA, and Catie. Also for those not in the know, Daniel is certified crazy, like most Texas musicians with a cult fallowing he is paranoid schizophrenic and from what I understand that personality trait was put into high gear after a hand full of acid in conjunction with a Butthole Surfers show which could be a life changing experience for anyone.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Witch S/T

If you come into this record with preconceived notions, thinking this is a side project of J Mascis and that it will bear any similarities to his solo work with the Fog or Dinosaur jr you will be mistaken. This is a band of it's own, a smoldering entity with a true 70s inspired sound. A mesmerizing cloak of blue cheer and black sabbath-esque tunes, featuring dark enchanted lyrics, and guitar solos to make your head spin right off. Pick this up, turn down the lights, and watch the shadows dance to their evil delight

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mammoth Grinder - Extinction Of Humanity

Chris from mammoth grinder asked that I take down Rage and ruin, and replace it with this instead. So for those who checked out rage and ruin know what youre in for.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Negativland - Dead Dog Records

One of their best -- hunt this down. It's available in the book "FAIR USE" and is 45 minutes of awe-inspiring, laughter-inducing, ear-cringing sample-happy splatchmalarkey relating to the U.S. Copyright Act in regard to music. Only a couple of points get tiresome. Most of it is ear candy for the mind. Mmmm. I could go for some ear candy right now.

Two other things I'd like to say about why I like this so much: (A) The unbelievably hilarious way that they keep mixing in nanoseconds of well known popular songs like "Stairway to Heaven" -- so that your mind knows that it's heard something familiar, but it just can't quite place it! And (B) the way that they present BOTH sides of the issue. Of course it's obvious which side of the fence they're on, but it's really cool of them to present the other side's arguments too. GREAT!!!!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pissed Jeans - Shallow

For better or worse I think did it backwards with Pissed Jeans. When "Hope for Men" was released almost two years ago I picked it up based on a review I read that said they sounded "My War" era Black Flag and the Jesus Lizard. When I see music journalists using either of these bands for reference points I am almost always skeptical and rarely interested. Keeping all this in mind I would have to say Pissed Jeans are the real deal. Even though it took me forever to get Pissed Jeans debut "Shallow" I think it is my favorite of their two full length records. Although its a short record it really delivers a lot of quality tunes in about the same time period it would take for you to watch an episode of the Fresh Prince. This is the type of record where one song gets stuck in your head and when you listen to it you decide to start it from the beginning and let it play to the end.

Seaweed - Four

The most under rated band of the 90's in my opinion. "Four" is old school hardcore refined and polished to a gleaming, pop shine. This album got Seaweed a major label contract. Kid Candy made it to MTV. Seaweed was emblematic of the bright moment for American alternative music between '89 and '94. Stephanie OD'd, Mia was murdered, Kurt killed himself, and people decided that the Northwest musical aesthetic wasn't happy enough, I guess. Bring on Weezer!

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Soundgarden - Louder Than Love

This has always been my favorite Soundgarden record. I am a fan of their later work (especially Superunknown and Badmotorfinger), but this record contains a rawness and vitality that their more polished later stuff lacks. Louder Than Love straddles the two major periods in Soundgarden's career: their earlier, less-metal sounding work (e.g. Ultramega OK and Screaming Life/Fop) and their later more-metal sounding work, epitomized by the aforementioned Superunknown and Badmotorfinger. Louder Than Love contains the elements of both of these periods.

it's the band's most unapologetically heavy disc, with Badmotorfinger a close second (I think that the production on Badmotorfinger helps it sound as heavy as it does). The production on this album is a bit murky, but it completely adds to it's charm as far as I'm concerned. When you hear the double guitars come crashing in at the beginning of "Ugly Truth" you know the 80's are pretty much over forever.

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Oxbow - Narcotic story

Oxbow is one of the rare bands that exhibits such a glacial lack of compromise, from the start settling into a style that's harsh at best, and using music outside of their bubble as base componentry rather than outright influence. Never "metal" but nearly always "heavy,” Oxbow knows its history, having used blues conventions as crude scaffolds for cerebral noise rock of the most disturbing order. But if it's at all a hidden agenda of Oxbow's to destroy, or at least disfigure, "the blues" in order to save it, The Narcotic Story brings them one step closer to fruition. A vestige of the blues – of the sort evocative of some stinking deep-south abattoir – remains. But the record's eight songs are imbued with a desperate, film-noir quality, emphasizing orchestration beyond guitar, bass and drums. The band flirted with similar textures on 2002's An Evil Heat, but here there's less reliance on the typically "heavy.” The occasionally mathy Zeppelin riffs that stumble and slide, and stop-and-start rhythms are in shorter supply overall; the metal has largely been smelted out in favor of tension. Toggling between dissimilar themes over the course of the longer pieces continues to be an Oxbow hallmark, perhaps in more of a traditional fashion than a sudden edit-like jump. The transitions between the delicate and the bludgeoning are allowed to develop less jarringly in dynamic-laden numbers like "Time Gentlemen Time" and "A Winner Every Time.”

Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician

Easily one of the most bizarre, nightmarish, acid-drenched albums ever to bubble up from the gutter, Locust Abortion Technician will make you redefine the meaning of "wierd." This is the Butthole Surfer's best and most avant-garde album, filled with tapeloops, slowed/sped-up/reversed vocals and sfx, sludgey distortion and chaotic song structure. It is a crazy, schizophrenic mess that will get inside your head. I love it. The Butthole Surfers prove to be masters of the studio, as they create "music" that you would think spilled out of an insane asylum from a freaky netherworld.

Friday, April 17, 2009

ZZ TOP - Tres Hombres

Show me someone who doesn't like ZZ Top and Ill show you a cocksucker.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


I just broke my hand and wrist so typing on this thing has become quite tedious. I will try to update this thing as often as I can tolerate, but don't expect much. Also I have been getting requests that I absolutely will not oblige. Please do not request an album by some band that you already know about and either haven't bought the record or are to lazy to search it out on the nets. That being said please don't request another album from a band I have already linked on here. If you already know about it, then just go fucking buy it. My intentions here are not to be the first one on the nets to link the leaks of all the new anticipated shit before it's released from bands you already know about. What my intentions are, is to simply share what I consider essential listening to those who may not have otherwise taken the time to check out.


Gogol Bordello - Under World Strike

Here is another one that is hit or miss, but then again Im not aiming to please anyone.

Boring old black-white miscegenation is so 20th century -- to really freak out tight-ass bigots in the '00s, somebody's gotta take the multiethnic gene-pool reconstruction worldwide. Mustachioed Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz is just the mutt to do it, and your daughter could one day be the honey he does it with. The Ukraine-born New Yorker is so smooth with the slogans -- "Think Locally, Fuck Globally" is indeed a bumper sticker whose time has come -- that even his drunken lechery feels politically astute.
"Cultural revolution's just begun," Hutz announces as he swoops into Nebraska to liberate the corn-fed teen on "Sally." And with violin riffs scratching alongside electric guitars and accordions, tumbling into a cacophony while racing to keep pace with the drums, his Gypsy-punk comrades respond: Duh.
With its paired chords landing deliberately on the upbeat, Eastern European two-stepping lends itself to Gogol Bordello's occasional reggae and dub fusions. In fact, Gypsy music -- simple yet amorphous, absorbent rather than assimilating -- is the ideal medium for sentiments like "Of course there is no 'us' and 'them,' but 'them,' they do not think the same," and other lines that flaunt the rootless cosmopolitanism that has always unsettled social conservatives. But this is also urban music; its sounds in giddy collision rather than thoughtful collaboration, its melodies in constant adjustment to the beat pounding through your neighbor's wall and the radio blare from down the block.
As Hutz swaggers, "I am a foreigner / And I'm walking through your streets," his band exudes a mingled whiff of hot-dog-cart steam and taxi exhaust crowd sweat. It's the vibrant stench of the one place nomadic sophisticates can call home -- the city that terrifies middle-American know-nothings and Islamofascists alike. At long last, here's New York punk that genuinely stinks of New York.

Friday, April 10, 2009

sgt - stylus fantasticus

Formed in 1999. The music of sgt is classic music, and the sounds of the noise, experimental, jazz, and the improvisation, etc. have mixed,It is like the technique of film music. The noise of the guitar wraps the melody that the violin plays. In addition, The base and the drum unite into one, the sound repeats development, it uplifts the person who listens, It seems to see scenery. This is by far the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. don't let that detour you from checking this out tough guy. maybe you can play this with your girl and I bet she's be inclined to shine that dome piece. It's hard to try to wrap this up in one neat little package but imagine a band like red sparrows or a mellow Isis that got invited to play with a band that makes the river dance music and you re getting there. my daughter said it best today and said "this is the kind of music flowers would make if they could." and I smiled at how simple but to the point a 5 year old can be.

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Mr. Bungle - California

I cant find a quality review snippet to cut and paste, so I'll try to do this album justice with my own ramblings. I post alot of things on here that I'm sure many people have already heard, or are well aware of. this blog is not for those guys. This blog is for those type of people who think Mike Patton was only the singer of Faith no More, and for those who may have heard of a band but never taken the time to check out what I consider essential listening. To me California is the quintessential Mike Pattton record. It goes everywhere any of his other output has gone only this is by for the most streamlined and accessible for new listeners. You see, Mr. Bungle is not your everyday rock band or punk band, or jazz band, or death metal band, or acopella band or etc... Mr. Bungle takes just about every imaginable musical style and somehow incorporates it into one flawless piece. some songs are soft and mellow like the first track "sweet charity" which sounds somewhere along the lines of Frank Sinatra on some sort of pharmaceutical. and then there are other efforts like "ars morendi" that reminds me of an Italian circus house band performing on acid. and there are so many other great tracks on here like "air conditioned nightmare", " goodbye sober day" and "pink cigarette" that just makes this album so worth checking out. This is one of those albums that will remain in my top five favorites for the foreseeable future.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

wesly willis fiasco - Spookydisharmoniusconflicthellride

If you don’t know who Wesley Willis was, then you are missing out. Think of him as a bigger, fatter, crazier ODB that appealed to more white kids. If you do know who wesly willis is than you know the deal, you either love him or hate him. This isn't the usual Willis output however. In this record he is graced with the presence of a band and they are good too. Its still the same ol' ranting that you would expect and hilarious as ever, but this time its to the tune of punk meets stadium rock. Think Rollins band and you re getting close. If you are one of those people that couldn't get into his barely more than jingles, but still thought his lyrics were at least humorous should check this out and see if you like him now.

Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name

The Hope Conspiracy create a vicious atmosphere and angry mood with Death Knows Your Name. It is filled to the brim with memorable lyrics, catchy guitar hooks, and enough brute force to keep people listening and salivating to see this record preformed live. This is a highly recommended album even if you never dug The Hope Conspiracy before this album. If you claim to like hardcore, this record is for you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DMBQ - Essential Sounds From Far East

DMBQ(dynamite Masters Blues Quartet), The most obvious comparison point for the band is a host of mid-’70s rockers (think Hawkwind/Deep Purple on acid... or, uh, more acid than they were already on). While the Dynamite Masters love to kick out the 4/4 jams, they have also adopted a more rugged, psychedelic take on those huge, Bonham-esque stompers. Mirroring the modern Japanese psych/rock scene’s aesthetic abandon, nearly every song on The Essential Sounds From the Far East seems moments away from falling apart completely. The rhythm section is absolutely insane; a far cry from the bombastic stability of most ’70s rock groups, it recklessly scrambles around an otherwise traditional base of psychedelic blues. On the drums, exotic temptress (read: Japanes woman) China breaks into disorienting sixteenth note fills at the drop of a dime, directing the music’s tempo and flow to shaky heights. Perhaps most notable though, is the voice of Shinji Masuko. His guttural yelps are painfully Japanese, even when trying to impersonate his American forefathers. I’m going to go out on a limb here and call his lyrical antics endearing and pretty humorous, too. Masuko only reaffirms a common belief that balls-out rock music is best heard with a grain of salt. And even if being funny isn’t DMBQ’s real intent, every time one of their killer riffs or gravity-defying drum fills blasts through my speakers, I can’t help but grin. This is the band that I feel Monotonix emulates the most.

Harvey Milk - Life...The Best Game In Town

After releasing several albums in the 90s, Harvey Milk are celebrating their own renaissance by lauding the virtues of "Life...The Best Game In Town". Spearheaded by the alternately burly and angelic vocal stylings of Milk mastermind Creston Spiers, "Life" is both tumultuous and grueling, resonating with the glorious slow-motion radiance of Total Dirge Power. They've since been joined by Thrones legend Joe Preston.

Murder City Devils - In The Name Of Blood

In Name and Blood is the third and strongest release from the Seattle-based six-piece. While it's not much of a stylistic deviation from previous releases, producer John Agnello gives the whole shebang a bottom-heavier sound. Atop this, front man Spencer Moody does what he does best: holler, holler, and holler some more. Keyboardist Leslie Hardy, a newer addition to the group, adds many Farfisa stabs and squiggles in classic garage-rock style. As the rest of the band holds down the fort, the hits keep on coming. The lead off track, "Press Gang," sounds monstrous and powerful and, like some of the other anthems on In Name and Blood (especially the cutting "I Drink the Wine"), there's almost a whiff of the lukewarm beer that was probably spilled on the lyric sheets during the album's recording sessions. The grisly, crime-scene theme of the packaging complements the MCD's excellently executed rock.

Megazilla - Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You

MEGAZILLA are a bass / drum duo from Texas that put most of the recent rudderless post-rock and stoner bands to shame with Joey Hook's nimble, tumultuous drum crashes and Corey Cottrell's stirring slacker vocals and nimble bass rifferama. "Puffy, Fuzzy Cheeks" is just ruthless, fuzz on top of fuzz, chords crackling almost to the point of total disintegration. "Grave Robbing in Texas" packs all the intensity of "Ozma"-era MELVINS. Speedier stuff like "Shanghaied" and "Gay is the New Straight" are insanely tight, crisscrossing and swerving close to the edge a la LIGHTNING BOLT. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay to this CD is to say that it doesn't sound like a duo band; I was convinced some sadistic power trio had attached electrodes to my brain until I checked out the liner notes. For those of you that need it me to get out on the runway with the lights, here it is: THE MELVINS and LIGHTNING BOLT are two quality bands. If you dig 'em, let MEGAZILLA kick you in the teeth for thirty minutes.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Amplified Heat - How Do You Like The Sound of That

Now, I’ve said more than a few harsh words about deliberately ‘retro’ bands in the past. However, like all music fans, I’m a total sucker for some styles when played well enough. One of those styles in my case happens to be groovy, swaggering, blues-based throwback hard rock, and Amplified Heat are masters of the craft. I enjoyed the shit out of the self-titled EP they reissued through Arclight Records earlier this year, and since then the members of this act (the Ortiz brothers; Jim on guitar, Chris on drums, and Gian on bass) were involved in a knife fight that left the rhythm section with multiple stabwounds a piece. They’ve already gotten back on their feet and recorded a new full-length, which sorta gives these guys the rock version of 50 Cent’s injury-based street cred (unlike some other Texan “badasses” I could name). More impressively, they’ve outdone their already fun packed EP with another slab of foot-stomping 70s-style rock and roll. for fans of cream, the flying burrito bros, old ZZ Top, blue cheer, SRV

The Devil and The Sea - Heart vs. Spine

Heart vs. Spine is a triumph of a debut record from start to finish. Everything about this release just punishes the senses with thick, memorable songwriting nailing it all together. TDATS are a tight unit in every aspect musically, with an ability to go from lean violent attacks to expansive, lengthier dirges without losing a bit of their edge and ferocity. I think this is a band that everyone is going to be hearing a lot more about in the near future. They’ve got all the chops needed to set the underground circuit on fire. Imagine a cross of Cavity, 16, Unsane, akimbo with just a slight pinch of early Mastodon and you’ll have an approximate mental portrait of the kind of damage this act dishes out. Heart vs. Spine is highly recommended on all counts.

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Mad Season - Above

ABOVE aches with the pain of living in a world streaked by deception, betrayal and disgust. Lumbering rhythms occasionally rumble into Sabbathville ("X-Ray Mind" and "Lifeless Dead"). Staley nods through the sinuous confines of "Long Gone Day," coasting on a surreal Brazilian beat prodded along by Martin's vibraphone and Nalgas Sin Carne's sax solo. This hour of emotional bloodletting ends with a convoluted two-part piece: The instrumental "November Hotel" starts with a faraway tribal beat that builds up gradually as McCready's guitar eases in and unleashes a wave of effects-laden riffs that flow into a disembodied declaration of solitude called "All Alone."

Find him and kill him - cut them to pieces

Find Him And Kill Him musically are short, fast, loud, and noisy. No metal, no chugga, just blazing fast verses, thrashy blast beats, and great mid tempo mosh parts. The average song length on "Cut Them To Pieces" is forty five seconds, with the longest song on the record clocking in at a minute and five seconds. Musically, the group is akin to Infest, Charles Bronson and unit 21. I haven't been this satisfied with nine minutes and fifty-four seconds music in a long, long time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zeni Geva and Steve Albini

I just got this for myself, and I couldn't wait to share. So I have no idea what it even sounds like, but I love zeni geva and am confident it will be nothing short of amazing. I had no Idea this even existed. anyways for those of you unfamiliar with zeni geva, they are a metal band from japan. they take elements from noise, to sludge, to borderline prog and have crafted a pretty unique place for themselves in this eclectic world of music. fans of Unsane, Mastodon, Neurosis and Oxbow should give these guys some attention. I will Listen to this soon and if I'm not blown away by it, Ill put a better record of theirs up. also check out 10,000 light years by them. fuck it Ill just post it later.

Koenjihyakkei - Angherr Shisspa

Some bands you just have to hear. Japan's KOENJIHYAKKEI (aka Koenji Hyakkei aka Hundred Sights of Koenji) are just such a band. Headed by vocalist / composer / drummer extraordinaire Tatsuya Yoshida (of the renowned bass and drum duo RUINS), advance listens have yielded head-scratching comments comparing KOENJIHYAKKEI's fourth album (and USA debut) "Angherr Shisspa" to Stereolab, Yes, Queen, Melt-Banana mr. bungle, sleppy time guerilla museum and "something so far off Broadway it's on the moon". All that makes the band sound indecipherable and impenetrable. Fortunately, that's not the case, there's plenty to latch onto, densely packed into the album's 50 minute running time. In the heady, heavy prog-circles, Koenji is already firmly established; renowned as the ultimate contemporary progressive rock outfit; with three albums and a live dvd released in their native Japan (and heavily exported around the world). KOENJIHYAKKEI explodes with glittery keyboard lines, speedy bass/drum workouts, emotive reed respites, and operatic female vocals that take the listener from sheer exuberance to absolute apocalypse... And all this is performed with superhuman technique in extremely catchy, complex arrangements.

Naked City - Torture Garden

I don't know much about this band. In fact Ive only recently even heard of them. I heard the track "bonehead" on the movie funny games recently and it was by far the most well placed music in a film score Ive ever seen/heard. Naked City is a jazz, noise, grind, death metal, avant-garde, punk, etc.... band with many notable musicians John Zorn being one of them. Its hard to even begin to describe this album. Imagine as the sun sets/early daughters chucked into a blender with fantomas and you'd be close. its the kinda thing you think is going on in someones head when they are doing something truly fucking disturbing.


If I've posted something and you like it, let me know. If Ive posted shit and you don't like it, let me know too. It would be cool to see if this is well received or if I'm just wasting time.

Akimbo - Elephantine

This is the first album I got from Akimbo, and so it will be the first I share with you. The album is very heavy with stoner doom guitars and slowing tempos. Often compared to early Cave-In and Botch, with influences from the Melvins and Black Sabbath. While not vocally related at all, comparisons to math-y Hot Snakes can also be made. Heavy in guitar riffs and anti-hardcore instrumental breakdowns, expect lightning tempo shifts and dueling single note guitar ditties. Its difficult the pin the band down into a genre completely but you can count on an extreme performance that grooves like rock.

Iron lung - sexless/no sex

‘Sexless//No Sex’ doesn’t derogate far from the band’s tried n’ tested pattern – a lung-scorching mix of medically-themed hardcore, grind and powerviolence drawing from the likes of Crossed Out, Despise You and hatred surge – but somehow seems more keenly honed than ever before, each cruel note, every mutant roar and every ear-splitting crack of the snare where it is for a goddamn reason. From heel-digging dirge to lightspeed blasts, each of the 20 tracks drips with blistering, futility-hewn rage, the likes of ‘Cancer’ and ‘Here//Alone’ despondent to the point of utter collapse but gritting their teeth and forging on regardless, unblinking eyes fixed firmly on the finish line and the illusory respite it offers.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mammoth Grinder - Rage and Ruin

I was asked to take this down, but they kindly gave us a copy of their new album, so check that out.

Rainbow of Death s/t

This CD isn't for everyone, or may it is? these guys and girl are from France and bring together many elements from various forms of aggressive music. Primarily crust, grind and hardcore. don't let that discourage you from checking these guys out. because its at such a frenzied pace that this record never has a chance to get boring. this band also shares the same members as drone band monarch, however their styles are polar opposites. Rainbow of Death are for fans of find him and kill him, alarm, mammoth grinder, hatred surge, and the like.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dub Trio - Another Sound Is Dying

If you hear the name “Dub Trio” and your first reaction is “not another sublime rip off”, be prepared to be kicked squarely in the teeth. Another Sound Is Dying goes right for the throat from the very beginning, pounding a metal riff into your skull with a pissed off fervor that can only be found in . Yes, Dub Trio have their Jamaican influences, but on Another Sound they are definitely a kick-ass rock band. Each track has moments of ear splitting guitar, gut rumbling bass and, most memorably, innovative drumming that, more than anything, will bring to mind those dirty reggae riffs this band is associated with. Still, despite each player’s obvious strengths on their own instrument (huh huh), it’s the little studio magic moments that will stick with you, like on the pulsing “Funishment”, when some metallic computer noise from hell rears its head from the deep and right into your brain.If you like your music hard, heavy and truly innovative, you’ll enjoy this set.
Mike Patton does guest vocals on the only track with any.

Tia Carrera - heaven and hell

Some music lends itself to be listened to after imbibing exotic substances. Some music demands it. Then, there is music that aurally inserts pills and potions into the listener’s body with such subtlety that one is trapped under its influence before he can even realize what is happening. Tia Carrera’s latest effort, Heaven/Hell, falls into this latter category. Carrying the listener on a three track spiritual journey, Carrera’s heaven and hell EP is wonderfully unrelenting.
Heaven/Hell remains a solid album to set the mood for summer parties and guy-only binge-a-thons. Jason Morales continues to be the closest thing to Hendrix still on this planet, and despite a few unsuccessfully lofty album concepts, his guitar work is still better than sex. Tia Carrera may take the listener to hell and back, but the journey is not at all unpleasant.