Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Droids Attack - Fatal Error

In a world of perpetual war and death, where pestilence and pop music kill our collective soul, one band of brothers may just save us all! Armed with metallic riffs, stoner savagery and terrifying tone, Droids Attack may be the best hope for the survival of humanity against the coming onslaught of mechanized, robotic pain. But unlike those lazy superheroes that are content to simply protect the weak and save some fictitious city from various vicious supervillians, Droids Attack tears into their strings and skins to keep you rocking out while saving you from certain destruction. They won't just snatch you from the jaws of death in a brazen display of inhuman strength and audacity, they'll simultaneously kick in your face with raucous power chords, crazed solos and some of the most entertaining and hilarious lyrics around.

Bastardmaker Loves You

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